Babysiri FAQs

Have questions? Hopefully they are answered here. If not, our email address is at the bottom. Feel free to reach out!

  1. What is Babysiri?
    Babysiri is an online platform that helps parents find the perfect baby-related services based on other parents’ reviews and opinions.
    Brought to you by the team behind Babydash, Babysiri came about because the team have over the years, fielded many questions and conversations about parenting and realised that there was a need for such a site in Malaysia.
  2. Am I supposed to create a listing for a place I have visited or service that I have used?
    Yes, as long as you would like to give a review or opinion about a place/service and it is not already listed, you can create a listing by clicking on “Submit A Listing” on the top right hand corner of the site
  3. How do I search for a listing?
    Where you can see a little pencil icon and the word services, just type in the name of the place you are looking for and click on the search button
  4. I am a business owner – how do I fix the details on my business?
    Moving forward we will create login access for business owners. In the meantime, if you would like to fix your listing (e.g. amend the image or change the opening times/contact details), please contact us by sending us an email at
  5. How do I reply a comment if I am the business owner of a listed service?
    Please create your profile and ensure your profile name is clear that you are the owner of the service (e.g. shanli_babydash). Then you can reply to any comments which have been submitted.
  6. Does Babysiri work for businesses outside of Malaysia?
    Yes it does but there have not been any listings submitted for outside of Malaysia yet so it would not be very useful at the moment for other geographies


If you face any problems, please feel free to email us at: