Kindermusik At SIM
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Petaling Jaya
18-20, Jalan 19/36 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia18 Jalan 19/36,

Kindermusik At SIM

Kindermusik is a music and movement program for children ages newborn to seven. Kindermusik is a research-proven approach to teaching your child early literacy, math, and social-emotional skills through music.
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18-20, Jalan 19/36 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
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I first came across Kindermusik when my nephew was little and I attended a class or two with him, but once I had my daughter, I signed her up thinking it was something for us to do. But I can honestly say her early years were filled with joy not just from the experiential method in which classes are taught but from the music that she got to bring home. She cried less in the car sitting in her car seat listening to her Kindermusik CDs, she also grasped language really quickly and recognised her songs as well as the order they would come on when played on the CD player...she would predict the next song coming on. Eventually she would ask for her favourite songs to be played. She also really looked forward to classes where she would see familiar children and parents. I eventually became a Kindermusik teacher myself and have seen a vast difference in behaviours of children from the first class to a few months down the line, where they are so much more cooperative in class, are willing to share, recognise and react to children they know and truly enjoy the immersive learning experience in class. Even children with behavioural or learning difficulties thrive in class and make improvements in their on right. Class is also a great time for parents and little ones to bond. I recommend Kindermusik classes to parents of young children anywhere.

Kindermusik At SIM

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